Dear Holy Trinity Family,

We understand and support the anger and frustration felt by many of you over the continuing injustice and inequality that is reflected so horribly yet again in the death of George Floyd. The underlying racism that continues to exist in our society is unacceptable. We must find real solutions that address the problem more directly. 

Our ideals are being challenged every day. Our response must be an education that builds moral and ethical character and foundation of our students, our community, our city and our nation. We must invest in our children so that they may have the ability and willingness to address the root cause of these troubling times.

As a Holy Cross family, we will continue to work within our school community to ensure just and fair treatment and understanding of and respect for each other’s feelings and perspectives where each student is valued and loved. We will continue to inspire our students to carry this message to the broader community and to become leaders in creating a nation free from prejudice, injustice and inequality.

God bless you,

Ms. Lynch, Dr. Paden and Mr. Bopp