Teachers, administrators, and staff members joined groups of students in Civic Roundtable Discussions on Monday, October 26. With the importance of this year’s presidential election, the school administration decided to have the entire Holy Trinity community join in on the discussion of civic responsibility. Principal Paden introduced the idea of holding Civic Roundtables in order to allow students to have a platform to share their thoughts and feelings on the election as well as the overall topics of civic duty, social justice, and political awareness. 

While many of our HT students are still a few years away from voting themselves, we see great value in engaging them in these conversations now. Our goal is to help them process what is happening in our country and our world and ensure they understand the importance of using their voice in the political process. In past years at Holy Trinity, we have held voter registration drives and encouraged students to work as poll judges and we look forward to continuing this important work. 

The feedback from students and staff after our initial roundtable conversations was overwhelmingly positive and our school community is eager to have more opportunities to engage in these types of activities together. At Holy Trinity, we remain committed to educating students and preparing them to be active and engaged citizens in the world. Our Holy Cross values guide us as we teach our students the importance of their responsibility to help create a more just world as they prepare to be future leaders.