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Saturday, May 30

Parking Lot Opens at 10:30 a.m.

Processional Begins at 11:00 a.m.

We’re bringing the celebration outside, with music and a fun, lively atmosphere to celebrate from the safety of our cars!

This event will be live-streamed on Holy Trinity’s social media channels.

Limited to one car per graduate’s family per government guidelines.


  • Enter the HT parking lot from Noble Street. Cleaver Street will be closed.
  • Follow directions into parking spots to wait for the procession to begin.
  • Place the sign with your student’s name (delivered to seniors on May 20) in your windshield so your student can be recognized during the procession.
  • Cars will leave the parking lot through the Cleaver Street entrance, where each senior will be invited to step out to take a photo in their cap and gown and be recognized by Holy Trinity administrators.
  • Please keep everyone safe and remain in your vehicle for the entire event. Only graduates may exit the vehicle, and only when instructed to do so.


Is it okay to decorate our cars? Yes! We encourage you to show your HT pride and love for your graduate by decorating your car!

Can graduates decorate their caps? Yes! All decorations should be kept to the top of the cap and be school-appropriate. Instructions: Place your grad cap facedown on a sheet of white paper (without the tassel). Trace around the cap with a pencil. Use a ruler to determine the location of the tassel button at the center of the grad cap. Trim your paper/cardstock to size, then decorate it! When you’re finished, tape it to the top of your cap and then put the tassel on.

Will graduates receive honorary sashes if they earned them? Yes! You will receive them on the day of graduation.

Can additional family members come? Because of state and city guidelines as well as our own space limitations, we must limit it to one car per graduate. Additional carloads of family members will not be allowed to enter the parking lot.

Can a family member get out of the car to take a photo of the graduate? No. We will have a professional photographer on-site to take photos and will share them as soon as possible after the ceremony. You are welcome to take photos from your car windows as well. If anyone other than the graduate gets out of your vehicle, your family will be asked to leave per the government guidelines.

Who can watch the live stream? Invite your family and friends, near and far, to tune in on Holy Trinity’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels! The video will be available after the ceremony as well.

Will the faculty and staff be there? Yes, while staying safe by socially distancing! Please keep six feet apart.

Can we get out of our cars to visit with each other in the parking lot, if we stay six feet apart? No. In order to comply with government guidelines and ensure this event is not shut down, all family members must stay in their vehicle at all times. Anyone exiting their vehicle unless directed to do so will be asked to leave and the graduate will be unable to participate in the ceremony.

Can I give a note or gift for a faculty/staff member? No. To maintain social distance standards, we are working hard to limit the number of in-person interactions at this event and that includes not receiving any notes or gifts.

Where will we park? As you enter the parking lot from the Noble Street entrance (near the church), HT faculty and staff will guide you into a parking space. Please follow their directions so that the processional will run smoothly.

Will we be able to access the school building for restrooms, etc.? No, the building will be closed.

What happens after the graduate takes the photo? Graduates will get back into their vehicles and the family will depart, turning right onto Division Street. (All vehicles will need to turn right onto Division Street.) We ask that families do not re-enter the parking lot or linger in the area.

Will the Class of 2020 be able to have an in-person graduation ceremony at a later date? We absolutely plan to have an in-person event for the Class of 2020 once it is safe to do so. What that looks like exactly is still in the works.

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