Collectively, they have received $10.8 million in scholarship offers—and counting.

Holy Trinity High School’s 107th Commencement Ceremony opened, as all good things do, in prayer. As a Holy Trinity family, we represent numerous diverse backgrounds and cultures, and members of the senior class were invited to offer up prayers in the various languages of our community: English, Thai, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Yoruba, Vietnamese, Burmese, Twi and Korean.

Principal Marianne Lynch shared that more than 60 percent of the graduating class has received scholarship offers, totaling in excess of $10.8 million and counting. In addition, the Class of 2018 includes two Illinois State Scholars, a Golden Apple Scholar, a Posse Scholar, a Moreau Scholar and a Questbridge Scholar.
The Class of 2018’s top ten academic students all maintained in excess of a 4.0 GPA while taking rigorous classes. This year’s top ten are:
  1. Angel Gonzalez
  2. Adolfo Medina
  3. Natalie Nieves
  4. Julieanne Zepeda
  5. Viviana Quezada
  6. Abiola Salimon
  7. Fatima Olaitan
  8. Cency Vega
  9. Christian Avalos
  10. Quang Hong
On Thursday, May 24, students participated in the annual Seniors Honors Assembly & Robing Ceremony. A tradition unique to Holy Trinity, Robing is an opportunity for seniors to reflect on their time in high school, thank those who have helped them succeed and inspire the underclassmen to achieve excellence. The entire student body attends, and seniors’ families and supporters are invited as well. Students process in, carrying their graduation robes. Students are called forward as their school of choice and scholarships are announced. A faculty member, staff member, coach or volunteer of the student’s choice assists him or her into the graduation gown. Students receive their Holy Trinity pins and medallions, signaling they are ready for graduation.
In addition, Senior Awards are announced. This year’s award winners are:
  • Christian Avalos: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Volleyball; Holy Cross Values Award for Integrity; B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Florecita Avalos: Holy Cross Values Award for Family, Zeal
  • Mason Baker: B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Keyoiry Banks: Holy Cross Values Award for Excellence
  • Jasmine Barbee: Theater 2; Holy Cross Values Award for Zeal
  • Mellanie Barnes: Holy Cross Values Award for Discipline
  • Lavelle Brown: Wellness; Holy Cross Values Award for Integrity, Family; Bronislaw Rzepa ’23 Sportsman of the Year
  • Mia Castro: Holy Cross Values Award for Zeal; B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Breanna Cruz: Holy Cross Values Award for Zeal
  • Kevon Easley: Senior English
  • Jesus Fernandez: Holy Cross Values Award for Excellence; Dr. Casimir Jakubowski ’23 Male Athlete of the Year
  • Sakayah Garity: Dr. Casimir Jakubowski ’23 Female Athlete of the Year
  • Angel Gonzalez: 2018-2019 Illinois State Scholar — Outstanding Achievement; 2018 Illinois State Regional Mathematics Contest; Robotics; AP Literature; Holy Cross Values Award for Integrity; Perfect Attendance — 3 Years
  • Quang Hoang: Illinois State Regional Mathematics Contest; Holy Cross Values Award for Excellence, Family
  • Gabriel Ibarra: B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Jimin Jung: Senior English
  • Kelliya Lane: B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Sui Len: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Volleyball, Soccer; Holy Cross Values Award for Family
  • Silvia Lepe: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Volleyball, Softball
  • Destiny Lopez: Holy Cross Values Award for Excellence
  • Erika Lopez: B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Nolberto Lopez: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Soccer
  • Joel Marcial: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Basketball
  • Adolfo Medina: AP Calculus; British Literature Honors; Anatomy/Physiology Honors; Prayer & Spirituality; Holy Cross Values Award for Excellence; B-STEM Honors Diploma; Perfect Attendance — 4 Years; 2017-2018 Holy Trinity Student of the Year
  • Ciara Melendez: Holy Cross Values Award for Zeal
  • Aileen Moreno: Holy Cross Values Award for Family
  • Son Nguyen: 2018 Illinois State Regional Mathematics Contest
  • Natalie Nieves: AP Government; Speech; Holy Cross Values Award for Integrity, Discipline; B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Fatima Olaitan: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer; Honorable Mention All-State Academic Team; Bronislaw Rzepa ’23 Sportswoman of the Year
  • Bobby Phillips: Robotics
  • Viviana Quezada: Film Analysis; IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Volleyball; B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Monika Romo: B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Abiola Salimon: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Volleyball, Track
  • Salma Sandoval: B-STEM Honors Diploma
  • Minh Tran: 2018-2019 Illinois State Scholar — Outstanding Achievement; Economics; AP Physics; Illinois State ICTM Math Contest — 8th Place, Junior/Senior Team; Dr. Mitchell Kaminski Award for Excellence in Mathematics
  • Cency Vega: IHSA Scholastic Achievement Award — Soccer
  • Alexia Villafane: Government
  • Julieanne Zepeda: Earth-Space Science; Holy Cross Values Award for Discipline; B-STEM Honors Diploma
In addition, teacher Qiana Young received the 2017-2018 Joyce Whitenhill Memorial Award for Teacher of the Year, an award determined by students.

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