Picture above: A screengrab of the virtual tour, with the navigation located at the bottom left of the image.


October 22, 2020 – CHICAGO, IL – Holy Trinity High School has partnered with MiB360 Agency and Google Photographers to build a complete virtual tour of the school, giving unprecedented access to school grounds and facilities. 

Now available on the Holy Trinity website, the Virtual Tour takes users on a digital tour of the campus, showcasing the facilities and learning spaces with 360 degree images from within classrooms, as well as dollhouse and aerial views of the cafeteria, gymnasium, weight room, and the auditorium. 

The virtual tour is an exciting way for members of Holy Trinity, as well as perspective families to view the school in action. Using state-of-the-art technology, viewers can take a first-person tour throughout the classrooms and building, while reading important information about the school’s history and academic offerings. 

“The virtual tour shows the richness and beauty of our facilities, and gives viewers the opportunity to live the moment as if they are actually present in our school,” Admissions Director Brian Parker said. “Our community can connect and engage with Holy Trinity like never before.” 

President Tim Bopp said, “In line with the school’s mission and vision, working with Google to produce a tour of the highest quality will give students, parents, prospective families and the community a convenient, flexible and informative insight into Holy Trinity High School. It has been an exciting collaboration, and we look forward to all of our stakeholders being a part of it.” 

The Virtual Tour can be accessed through the homepage of the school’s website, or by clicking HERE

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