This summer, twelve Holy Trinity students are interning in some of Chicago’s top organizations through the Friends for a Future program.

Each year, select Holy Trinity students spend the summer working in corporate offices in Chicago’s Loop, thanks to our one-of-a-kind Friends for a Future program. Launched in 1995, this program came about when board member Craig Dean attended a Career Day. He quickly realized many of the students had little knowledge of the business opportunities in their own city. With a vision to bridge that gap and prepare students for leadership, Craig became the impetus behind Friends for a Future.

Over the past 23 years, Holy Trinity has placed more than 330 students in corporate internships while also connecting them with a professional mentor. A student’s mentor does not work at the same location as the student’s internship, which allows the mentors to provide unbiased feedback and advice on how to flourish in the workplace.

Just a few weeks into the program, this year’s interns are already seeing the value of their experiences:

“This is my first internship. It’s definitely been above and beyond my expectations. I get to meet different people from across the company and network. I’m in IT, and I’m learning how to image computers and take inventory of the laptops. Being in the workplace, we are putting into practice our HT values of discipline and integrity. We’re becoming adults and learning how to be the best versions of ourselves.”
— Breanna Cruz ’18, Intern at Youth Guidance

“My cubicle is right next to Breanna’s, but I’m in the Finance Department, handling accounts payable, receivables, invoices, vouchers, planning for our new fiscal year and making sure all the record keeping is up to date. I get to collaborate with our compliance department. I want to practice corporate law, and I’m learning so many skills on the job that will be marketable and carry on once I begin practicing as an attorney. I think we were able to do come into a workplace like this and perform on the job so well because of the preparation we received at HT, and the role models we had at HT. Now it’s our turn, through our internship at a non-profit, to be just as passionate, caring and dedicated as the faculty and staff at Holy Trinity are to us.”
— Keyoiry Banks ’18, Intern at Youth Guidance

“The best part of having an internship is getting real-life office experience. It brings my business classes to life and I get to see first-hand what the office is really like. I’m working in the facilities department, replacing monitors and IT equipment, doing basic maintenance on the printers, handling return mail, inventory, all of that. I get to see the behind-the-scenes, the people who do all the real work, and see how offices operate. People treat us with respect, ask us about school and are generally friendly. I would definitely love to work for Fay after college. I plan to major in business and learn how to do accounting, so I hope to come back.”
— David Hibble ’18, 3rd Year Intern at Fay Servicing

“I really like how welcoming the people are. I’ve actually seen a path for my life, my future. Fay Servicing has taught me to be a more responsible person and financially literate. Last year, I worked with underwriting and modifications prophecy. We looked at loans and used a lot of Excel. That’s affected my life because on my own time, I learned Excel formulas and they helped me at school a lot. This year, I’m working in facilities with David. Although we don’t get as much computer work as last year, I enjoy this because we really look out for other people. I feel I can have a one-on-one conversation with people whenever they need something. It helps me network and meet new people.

I am thankful for the fact that Holy Trinity gave me the opportunity to even interview here. I was nervous, I remember, but I’m thankful because I’m not only keeping myself occupied during the summer, but I’m learning a lot. I see learning as a journey, and because of Holy Trinity, I have this opportunity to keep learning. Holy Trinity is helping students transition from high school students to young adults, and I’m so thankful.”
— Adolfo Medina ’18, 2nd Year Intern at Fay Servicing

In addition to Youth Guidance and Fay Servicing, this summer our interns are also working at Assurance, Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Ryan Specialty Group, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), Chicago Department of Family & Support Services (DFSS) and Erie Neighborhood House.

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