Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supports the philosophy, mission and rules of the school.
  • Establishes the fundamental philosophy, skills and techniques to be taught and bears responsibility for the men’s basketball program throughout the entire year.
  • Cultivates good public relations with news media, parents, officials, assistant coaches, volunteers and fans.
  • Communicates effectively with administration, staff, faculty, parents and students and respects the chain of command, referring all student and parent requests or grievances through proper channels.
  • Submits a marketing plan to the Athletic Director, President and Principal for approval with goals and strategies consistent with the rules, regulations and guidelines of the IHSA and Holy Trinity High School.
  • Assigns, regulates and supervises all scouting activities.
  • Collaborates with the Athletic Director with regard to scheduling, transportation and requirements of sporting events and assists with the necessary preparation to hold events and practices.
  • Monitors progress of student-athletes in his or her program.
  • Is responsible for athletic equipment.
  • Supervises student-athletes from the conclusion of the school day through the completion of all practices and games.
  • Plans and implements in-season and out-of-season conditioning and weight training programs.


Tim Bopp, President
Phone: 773-278-4212
Fax: 773-278-0144

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