From the Principal

A few questions have surfaced in the past week that I would like to address. First, students will not be held accountable for service hours this spring. They should be sure to enter any hours they had earned prior to the shelter-in-place order but we do not expect them to do any additional hours this year, regardless of their current totals. 

A small number of students continue to have technical issues. Tech support has remained available Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., including being available in the building for pick-up of replacement parts when needed. Students who need tech support should begin by contacting Mr. Terrasi, Director of Technology, who can be reached by email at If the issue involves hardware or replacement parts, he will confirm the cost, notify the business office and tech support, and refer you to the support staff at to arrange for pickup. 

Occasionally students have an issue with attendance, either because of a technical issue or because they are unsure of what they are missing. For questions regarding attendance, or to send a notification of a technical issue, please notify Dean Ongwela at and Ms. Saavedra at

Please take a few minutes to let us know how you think e-learning is working by completing this e-learning survey. We value your observations and opinions, especially from your unique perspective at this time. 

Seniors will be celebrating Senior Signing Day on Friday, May 1. It will be a live event, closed to all but seniors.  A video of some of the celebration will be shared after the event so that parents, family, faculty and staff can all enjoy it.

Finally, I would like to share a lovely moment from Rich Daniels and Chicago’s own City Lights Orchestra: United We Stand. I hope you enjoy it. 

Resource for Parents

This article from UC Berkeley specifically addresses the difficulties teens face in dealing with the need to stay at home. It provides suggestions for parents on how to help them, and you, deal with the challenges: How to Help Teens Shelter in Place. I hope you find some helpful suggestions.

The second resource is a series of Parenting Cue Cards put together by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. You click on the kind of challenge you are having and it provides a possible suggestion for dealing with it. Some are more directed to younger children than teens, but can still be helpful.

Virtual Parent Meeting

We hope you can join us Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for a virtual parent meeting. We look forward to seeing you and having an opportunity for some conversation. Please send any questions to Mrs. Lynch so that we can be sure to cover them.

NFTE for Adults

NFTE, our curriculum partner for the Corporate Experience business class, has developed a new program for adults who are unemployed or underemployed to learn entrepreneurial skills. Learn more here:

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