From the Principal

We hope this finds everyone well and safe. We have not heard of any identified cases of COVID-19 exposure from our HT families to date, for which we are grateful. E-learning appears to be going well. Please remind students to sign in to the attendance form every morning in addition to doing the work their teachers assign daily. If you have an issue with your internet service, please let me know so that your student can be given extra time to complete any work assigned while it was down. 

We are especially grateful at this time to all of the donors who have made the 1:1 Chromebook program possible. It has given us an advantage that many students do not have in that we can actually continue teaching and learning during this challenging time. Ms. Nease has also offered online tutoring for students who may need a bit of extra help.

Tips for e-learning success:

  • Carve out a workspace that is free of distractions.
  • Set some routine work times, focusing on the most challenging subjects when you are at your best.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to teachers with questions.   
  • If you are given the opportunity, join a conversation or class discussion.
  • Finally, watch deadlines for individual assignments so that you don’t fall behind.

You will note the food assistance available at all CPS locations. Our food service is willing to provide a similar service if people want it. Please answer this quick survey to tell us if you would be interested and would use this service:

Report cards will be mailed on Friday. Since we cannot hold Parent-Teacher Conferences at this time, please reach out to teachers and counselors via email or phone. If you have difficulty connecting with anyone, let me now. They will happily respond to your emails and will call when they are able to do so. You are a critical partner in your student’s education, now more than ever, and we are most successful when we work as a team.

We are following the school calendar for now, which gave students the day off on Friday.  We will use this day for teachers to work on planning more e-learning lessons and activities and sharing ideas with each other.

Our prayers remain with all, that you remain safe and well during this difficult time.

A Special Note: Mr. Bopp is doing well and appreciates all of your prayers and good wishes.

Having Technical Issues with Your Chromebook or Coursework?

Troubleshoot from home by taking a screenshot and emailing Mr. Terrasi, Director of Technology, at Most issues have been brief disruptions from your internet provider. He will know if it is an actual Schoology problem and what to do. If your internet service is down for more than a couple of hours, let Ms. Lynch know as well.

City Services Available to You: Food Assistance 

We recognize that families in our community depend on the Free & Reduced Lunch program to provide breakfast and lunch to students each week. During this unexpected school closure, please know that food assistance is available to any student, no matter where they are enrolled or whether or not they have applied for the Free & Reduced Lunch program, at any CPS school (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.) or food distribution centers. Every package includes three days’ worth of breakfast and lunch for each student. Families may call 773-553-5437 for an emergency delivery.

Band Parents: A Note from Mr. Bulgrin    

Having band class at home is a new experience for me as well as for our band students. At this point, all students should have their instruments at home, as they have a number of things they can practice, including quite a few playing tests. These should be done on the Smartmusic software that all students have access to. If any student still has their instrument at school, they MUST call the school and make arrangements to get it and take it home.

The practice expectation has been upped to 2 hours per week, and practice sheets can be found posted on Schoology. The next one will be due on 3/30. With your help and our students’ diligent practice, the music we will be playing at our Spring Concert will be perfected at home so that whenever we are able to rehearse as groups again, we can focus on the small details to really make music.

Registration Online for 2020-2021

We are making registration for 2020-2021 available online for all who would like to use it. You may drop forms off at school during our office hours or scan them as a PDF and email to Photos of forms will not work. (To scan your documents to create PDF files using your smartphone, please download the Adobe Scan app.) Once Mr. Jimenez has received your contract and SmartTuition form, he will send you a link that allows you to make your registration payment online.

Cancellations and Changes

The April 4 ACT test has been rescheduled for June 13. SAT tests are canceled but not rescheduled at this time. 

My MealTime

Now is a great time to catch up on your students’ cafeteria charges by logging into your My MealTime account. Thanks to all who have paid their balances.

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