In an effort to give students more opportunities to safely meet fellow classmates, engage in group discussions and play sports, Holy Trinity successfully conducted its first Saturday Activities session on January 23. Led by Principal Paden, more than 40 students participated in activities such as basketball, soccer, weight lifting, and small group discussions. The day was structured to bring students together and facilitate community and bonding while still observing all necessary COVID-19 protocols. Over half of the students present were 100 percent E-Learners, meaning this was their first time back in the building this school year. 

Students and parents alike shared how grateful they were to have an opportunity to get out of the house and break away from the computer screen. The Parents of Holy Trinity Facebook group was filled with comments of praise and appreciation, thanking school staff and administrators for fostering opportunities to bring the school community together. 

Throughout this entire pandemic, Holy Trinity has worked hard to provide as many opportunities as possible to engage with all our students, both in-person and online. While things may not be back to “normal” for some time, it’s always a great time to see our students, live and in person. 

There are plans to host another Saturday Activities session on February 20. Special thanks to Principal Paden for spearheading this effort, as well as Mr. Parker, Mr. Moore, Ms. Wallace, and Mr. Jefferson for volunteering their time to serve our students. 

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