Hometown/Neighborhood: Woodlawn Neighborhood

We introduce you to Amber Williams.  Amber is vice president of the Student Government Association and active in the Black Student Union group. Amber has maintained all this while excelling in her studies and navigating the challenges of learning from home.
“My favorite thing about HT would be the various clubs and opportunities we have here. I don’t play sports- I never have, so I knew that I would join any and every club that I could. I have learned that is almost impossible, because there are so many clubs at Holy Trinity! I also love the opportunities we have to speak out, go out, and improve ourselves. Whether it is speaking in front of staff about current events, or going out to volunteer together, we are always given the opportunity to improve ourselves with different programs.”
Amber shares the thing she loves most about HT:
“The teachers. My mom wanted me to attend a school that would challenge me, because I was always a hard worker. I am someone who traditionally doesn’t take the “easy route” and wanted a school for myself that valued these qualities. Holy Trinity is known for their excellent teachers and classes, and I knew HT would be the right fit for me! I am inspired by our teachers, as they always motivate me to continue being a better student. One of my favorite classes so far was my Sophomore English class. In this class I was able to free write with and without prompts, and my creativity was able to ring through my work. I appreciate that my classes foster outlets for creativity in many ways. So far, my teachers have been supportive of my work, willing to answer questions, and provide extra help when needed. At Holy Trinity, the teachers will always have your back, because we are family.”
Amber looks forward to the future: 
“I was lucky to have been awarded the Hosinski Scholarship at HT. I would love to thank those who have donated to me and my scholarship- and to all my other friends and classmates at Holy Trinity. It means the world to me because I know I would have not had the opportunity to be as successful here without your support. I do hope to continue making you proud in everything that I do.
As far as plans for college, I will attend a four year institution after graduation. I hope to major in biological sciences to eventually become a medical scientist. I know that I have a lot of school ahead of me, but I will always thank Holy Trinity for always supporting me, and pushing me to reach my dreams. I know I can do it, because I will always have my Holy Trinity Family cheering me on.”
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