Senior Joshua Reyes shares his experience being an HT student and how a Holy Cross education is shaping the path for his future.

I am excited to share my HT story with you! I am from the Cicero area, and was led to HT because I valued the small class sizes, and the family atmosphere at the school. So far, my HT experience has been great! I’ve made so many new friends, and also, built great relationships with my teachers. I love all of my classes because they are challenging, and will prepare me for college. Right now, I am participating in our e-learning program, and I have adjusted quickly to learning from home. Our teachers have done an excellent job shifting to e-learning with us, and I appreciate all they have done, and continue to do as we study from home in this pandemic. I can’t wait to continue my takeover with you this week, so I can share why HT is so special for students like me.

Josh on Learning from Home:

Although I am learning from home this semester, I wanted to share a little bit more with you about my time at Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity has definitely prepared me for the next steps for my future. As mentioned before, my classes at Holy Trinity are challenging, but our teachers are always there for us if we need help. One of my most memorable classes so far was my World Geography class. This class taught me discipline, and our teacher was always willing to answer any questions we had to help us with homework or tests. Because of the pandemic, I am doing e-learning this year and I still feel successful in my classes. I want to thank my teachers for everything they are doing for us. Outside of Holy Trinity, I’ve been applying to colleges and working with my parents on the weekends. Right now, I plan to study Spanish and Chemistry. I am looking forward to college, and know that I will be successful in whichever path I choose, because HT taught me how to be a great student.


Josh on what Holy Trinity means to him:

Holy Trinity has been so special to me throughout my high school career. There are a lot of things I love about HT– almost too many to count. We have different clubs and sports, challenging classes, helpful teachers and staff…but most importantly, we have a small community that supports each other. I am thankful for our HT community for providing me a scholarship to attend the school. Currently, I am a recipient of a Big Shoulders Scholarship, and the scholarship has allowed me to continue growing as a student at Holy Trinity. I want to thank everyone who has supported this scholarship, and let you know that I am grateful for your donation to my education. Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to attend such an academically challenging school. Once again, I am so grateful for your generosity! Before I leave today, I want to recognize and thank all of our donors that make education possible for students like me at Holy Trinity. Thank you for all that you do!”

Stay tuned for more student stories like Josh’s!

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