After attending Chicago Ideas Week in fall 2018, sophomore Susi Delgado felt inspired. “I saw myself really wanting to speak up, to ask questions, and to finally make a plan.” She was motivated not only by the amazing speakers she heard and workshops she participated in, but also by the student leaders she saw helping organize the events.

So, when the opportunity to apply to the Chicago Ideas Youth Ambassador program came around, she jumped at the opportunity. “Being an ambassador will help me make a difference in someone else’s life. I want to be a great leader when I am older, to help my community. Being an ambassador, meeting, and collaborating with so many successful leaders, will help me get out of my shell and act upon my ideas.”

Now that she’s been named a youth ambassador, Susi hopes to learn practical ways that she start applying now to make a difference. “My dream is to major in entrepreneurship and own a company where I can make a difference. Through this program, I hope to learn how I can get started, and then take that to the next level by putting what I learn into action. I can’t wait to be working with other teenagers who think like me, and to see what happens when we come together and take action on our goals and dreams.”

At Holy Trinity, Susi has already proven she can make a difference. She is a student ambassador and student government representative. She is founder and leader of the Birthday Committee and plays volleyball, basketball, badminton, and soccer.

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