There’s a special kind of person out there whose passion and pioneering spirit burn so brightly, they don’t just influence their peers—they inspire them. Not to follow trends, but to passionately blaze their own paths. We call them “Passioneers,” and we’re here to feed their passion to inspire others.

And this program is more than just a traditional scholarship. We’re not merely a one-off check writer – we’re a continued partner and collaborator who’ll be there with connections and opportunities throughout your journey to help your passion ring so loudly, it inspires the world.


Submit a video that addresses these questions:
  • What post-secondary education program, college or certificate/degree program are you attending?
  • What impact will following your passion have on your local community or the world?
  • How do you plan to achieve your passion through your educational goals?
  • What is your dream college, school or next step in your education?

Learn more and apply.

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