The first, which is announced at our annual Honors Awards & Robing Ceremony, is the Joyce Whitenhill Memorial Award for Teacher of the Year. This award is determined by our student body, who awarded it this year to Qiana Young. Some of the reasons given by our students include that Ms. Young…
  • “is always there for motivation.”
  • “always has ways for students to develop better study habits.”
  • “is an outstanding, strong individual who guides all her students to do better.”
  • “always makes sure we have what we need.”
  • “is fair and friendly.”
  • “makes things challenging yet understandable.”
  • “has a lot of patience and is always looking to the bright side of things.”
  • “lights that fire to raise students’ expectations for themselves, and never gives up on us.”
The second, which is announced at the end-of-year meeting for faculty and staff, is the newly christened Sr. Mary Readdy Teacher of the Year. This award is determined by the faculty, who awarded it to Oswald Avile, religion teacher and campus minister. His colleagues were profuse in their admiration for him:
“The ‘Great and Powerful Oz’ has been such this year, from more solemn Masses and powerful retreats to his work in the classroom. Every day, it is evident that he brings not just the light of knowledge, but also the Light of Christ to the students he teaches.”
“He is a living, breathing example of what it means to serve others and a great example for our kids. He sets an excellent example of our values and has a sense of humor that I know his students and colleagues appreciate.”
“What I would like to point out specifically is the rapport that he has developed with students. They trust him and learn from him. He’s intelligent, selfless, has a really good sense of humor, and wants the best for everyone.”
“Whether it’s mixing the teach and audio for the play, saving the day at the Pep Rally with his cool ear mics, coordinating service opportunities and hours, or planning meaningful retreats for our students, the list goes on and on.”
“Holy Trinity is so blessed to have Oswald and I’m very grateful to have him as a colleague and friend.”
In addition, a number of faculty and staff were recognized for milestone anniversaries at Holy Trinity. President Tim Bopp and teachers Gary Joseph and Marc Schmitz were recognized for 25 years of service. Alumna and teacher Qiana Young has reached her 15 year anniversary at her alma mater. Pat Kelly, assistant principal; Diane Kenny, teacher; Angela Miceli, teacher; Dan Quero, director of alumni relations; Tom Shively, teacher and science department chair; Greg Westerhaus, teacher and coach; and Jordan Zeno-Ortiz, teacher and student activities director were all celebrated for their fifth anniversaries.
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