My four years at Holy Trinity can only be described as an invaluable experience. I’ve taken all of what HT has taught me and, in combination with my own efforts, I have been able to achieve feats that most people wouldn’t expect from the child of immigrants.

At Holy Trinity, when I wasn’t working to maintain my high grades in honors and AP classes, I often found myself at Chicago Scholars, an organization introduced to me by Holy Trinity my junior year. It was here where I had the opportunity to interview with world-leading universities. Upon receiving admission to several top-50 universities, I eventually narrowed down my choices to two. Through Holy Trinity’s College Visit Program, I was able to venture first to The Ohio State University, where I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship. This award was offered to 300 students of approximately 45,000 students. Recipients of this award, as stated by Ohio State, are well-rounded students who excel and challenge themselves in the classroom, but, more importantly, use that knowledge to contribute to their local communities.

That very next week, we touched down in the wonderful city of Los Angeles to visit the University of Southern California. I also received the equivalent of a full ride scholarship, cover the entirety of the $75,000 a year price tag. I am proud to say that I will be one the 3,000 students across the globe who will be attending of 56,000 applicants. Furthermore, I am one of 100 students accepted to my major out 4,000 applicants. I couldn’t believe the resources and opportunities offered at this university. I truly started to bleed cardinal and gold the instant I stepped on campus. I feel that USC is the right place to go to even further the development and education that I received at Holy Trinity. I say these things not to stroke my own ego, but to emphasize the importance Holy Trinity has played in all this. Throughout my four years here, I have been shrouded with the warmth and guidance of the HT family. The ACT-UP program helped me receive one to high ACT score, with a perfect 36 on the English subsection. The constant technological advancements made by the school have only furthered my interest in computer science. The guidance and resources here, in combination with my own efforts, have led to this first generation college student, who is the child of Nigerian immigrants, to one of the highest ranked universities in the nation.


While next year, I’ll be in Los Angeles as a Trojan, I will always be a Tiger at heart. As I move onto college I shall always be reminded of the great good Holy Trinity has done for me and envy those who are blessed enough to enter those Division Street doors for the first time this fall.

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