On the completion of their academic career at Holy Trinity, graduating seniors have the option to purchase their Chromebook (along with all of its accessories) for the nominal price of $75.

While you have been issued a Chromebook to use for the duration of your time as a Holy Trinity student, these devices are loaned to students for academic use. This is done in order to reduce the financial burden on families that would result from adding the cost of purchasing a Chromebook directly to tuition fees.

At the same time, we also understand that students who have no other laptop or desktop devices may benefit from having a cheap, reliable option for continuing to have a computer for future work, such as university study. For this reason, Holy Trinity is offering graduating seniors the option to buy their Chromebooks for $75. This is a greatly reduced price from the normal retail price for a new Chromebook of the same (or comparable) model. Students would have a difficult time finding a device of this quality for such a modest price.

If you plan to purchase your Chromebook, please make your payment using the form to the right. If you have any questions about this, please email Mr. Terrasi at jterrasi@holytrinity-hs.org