B-STEM Honors Program

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What is B-STEM?

B-STEM stands for Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our one-of-a-kind B-STEM Honors Program at Holy Trinity is a four-year, honors level, integrated curriculum culminating in a capstone project. The program incorporates problem-based learning and real-world opportunities related to business and entrepreneurship as well as math and science. Students will apply their communication, collaboration, financial literacy and decision making skills while learning to become strong leaders and project managers.

Students who successfully complete the program receive a special honors diploma. Admission to the program is by invitation, based on performance on the High School Placement Test as well as elementary school performance and recommendations. Students should be qualified for the honors track upon admission.

The Curriculum

Cohort Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 core courses at honors level or above each year
  • 4 years of math
  • 4 years of science
  • 2½ years of technology/business courses
  • AP or college-level courses
  • Capstone Project

Students are expected to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA. A student who falls below this level will be placed on probation and his/her ability to remain in the program will be evaluated. Students who are not a part of the B-STEM Program may also take advantage of B-STEM classes.

Unique Opportunities

Through our B-STEM Summer Enrichment Program, students visit or live on college campuses while taking college-level courses. For many students, this is their first opportunity to travel outside the city of Chicago. Programs include:

  • Malcolm X College – Pre-College Health Science Scholars Summer Program (PCHSS)
  • University of Notre Dame University – Introduction to Engineering Program
  • Smith College – Summer Science and Engineering Program
  • Illinois Institute of Technology – NxtGen High School Summer Program

In addition, B-STEM students have the opportunity to participate in summer internships in business and STEM-related fields.

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