For over 110 years, Holy Trinity has remained the anchor on Division Street shaping the hearts and minds of all students who pass through the doors. With the blessing of our Board of Trustees and the support of the Brothers of Holy Cross, we are proud to announce a $8.5 million comprehensive campaign.

This campaign is calling to secure the promise of a Holy Trinity education for generations to come by building on our strong foundation to share a sustainable future.

Campaign Pillars

Facade Project

In an effort to protect the infrastructure of our 1927 building, the campaign prioritizes the completion of a major faced restoration project. When finished, the entire faced on all sides of the building will have been reinforced. Additionally, rain screens will be installed to protect our building and provide a more modern appearance to the west side  of our building.

Heart and Mind Foundation

The cost of tuition should never stand between a driven, talented student and a Holy Trinity Education. Currently, more than 90 percent of our student body depends on need- or merit-based financial assistance in order to attend Holy Trinity. Our mission is dependent on the availability of financial aid and scholarships to provide deserving students with the Holy Trinity experience.

With an additional significant investment in the financial reserves held in our Heart and Mind Foundation, we can serve more students and increase the average aid package to ensure access for each and every potential Holy Trinity student.

The Learning Commons

The second floor learning commons will create a welcoming space to educate the hearts and minds of our students.  The strength and beauty of our building shines through its traditional architecture and classroom setup. The Learning Commons will allow us to reimagine that historical style and blur the boundaries; combining music with physics and entrepreneurship with psychology.

The proposed lab spaces will invite students to learn,  explore, and create through technology and the work of their own two hands. Integrating a space like this into the heart of the building will encourage students to reach out of their comfort zone and experience new possibilities. 

Join us in what we can Make Possible at Holy Trinity! 

To learn more, contact Tim Bopp or Joe Donahue.