Greetings HT Parents,

As mentioned in the most recent Parent Town hall, this Wednesday, December 2, 2020, we will begin “Workday Wednesday”. This is an attempt to revamp our E-Learning day and give students an opportunity to catch up on work, meet with teachers, decrease the reliance on technology, and begin preparing for exams. 

Teachers will send individual invites to students, specifically those who are not doing well in their classes. If a teacher sets an appointment with a student, that student must attend. Students may also arrange appointments with their teachers and are encouraged to discuss what is still needed to pass all courses.  The attendance policy will be enforced on all teacher-student appointments. Students who do not have any scheduled appointments may work independently and are encouraged to turn in any outstanding work. Once the school day ends, teachers/students may schedule additional appointments as needed. Students are also encouraged to receive additional assistance from the Resource Learning Center after 3pm.

If Workday Wednesday proves to be effective and we see a moderate increase in academic performance, we will continue to use it in the Spring semester.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at The schedule for this Wednesday and next Wednesday (Dec 9) is below. 

Workday Wednesday



English, Psychology & Religion


Math, World Language & P.E.


Sciences, History/Gov & Fine Arts/Band


Business/Technology/ Strategies


Teacher by Appointment


Teacher by Appointment/RLC




Quincy Paden, Ed. D
School Principal

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