Friends of Holy Trinity,

I am pleased to inform you that Holy Trinity High School has embarked on a strategic planning process designed to ensure the continued vitality of our school community for years to come. The process had the full support of the Brothers of Holy Cross, our Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff. This year-long process has been a source of energy and excitement for all and a re-affirmation that Holy Trinity is an always-improving educational community, that consistently develops leaders with strong moral values, dedication to service and a passion for life!

Our specific objectives of this strategic plan have been:

  • To identify and prioritize key issues and planning areas for assessment;
  • To analyze enrollment data, perform detailed interviews, and gain insightful information to better understand the current and future demographic considerations related to enrollment and resources for the school;
  • To involve a broad cross-section of the school’s constituencies to provide input into a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis designed to identify competencies, competitive challenges and the school’s unique value proposition;
  • To review data and major resources (both human and financial) available to our school;
  • To establish overall goals for the next five years;
  • To provide a process for the development of strategies and action plans to support the implementation of objectives;
  • To develop effective measurements for evaluating and updating the strategic plan.

Two Strategic Planning Committees were formed to develop the plan. Our internal committee consisted of Holy Trinity staff members: myself, Marianne Lynch, Principal; John Malloy, Chief Operating Officer; Kacie Sassano, Vice President of Institutional Advancement; and Moira Wiedenman, Director of Marketing and Communications. Our Board Review Committee included board members: John Raitt, Craig Dean, Laura Clark (Board Chair), Mike Hornig, Cheryl LeeVan and Ray Milnes. These groups committed to planning meetings, data analysis, interviews, focus groups, and surveys that solicited vital input from all our constituencies. These included parents, alumni, students, donors, parents of alumni, feeder school principals, faculty members, staff members, scholarship agency personnel, the Brothers of Holy Cross, and board members.

I urge you to review full plan: HT XXII Strategic Plan: FY18-22 . It is Holy Trinity’s roadmap to our future – a future that envisions an even stronger Holy Trinity with a capacity-filled, technological advanced building of engaged students and extraordinary teachers, supported by a dedicated board, alumni and community, richly invested in our Holy Cross heritage. It will take focus and hard work to meet our goals, but with the support of all that have blessed Holy Trinity over the years, our goals are firmly within our reach. Please join us in our strategic plan implementation and assist us in impacting students and changing lives!

In Holy Cross,

Timothy M. Bopp

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