It is with recognition of God’s faithfulness and deep appreciation for Linda Frieh, Gary Joseph, and Marc Schmitz inestimable contributions to Holy Trinity High School that we formally announce their retirements from HT at the conclusion of the 2020-2021 school year. All three teachers have taught a combined 61 years at Holy Trinity, carrying the school through multiple program development and educational initiatives. Both Joseph and Schmitz are the two longest-serving faculty members currently on staff.

Ms. Linda Frieh currently serves as a Mathematics teacher, teaching classes in Algebra II and Discrete Math. She came to Holy Trinity in 2014 from Mt. Assisi Academy in Lemont, Illinois, and has spent the last 48 years as an educator. In addition to teaching, she has also served as the Math Team Coach.

Mr. Gary Joseph is currently the English Department Chair and teacher. He first came to Holy Trinity in 1993, and quickly became a favorite among teachers and students alike. In addition to teaching, Mr. Joseph also served as the faculty advisor to The Gold and the Blue, Holy Trinity’s official student newspaper, advising many students throughout the years on best journalistic practices, gathering sources, conducting interviews, and the latest in newspaper design.

Mr. Marc Schmitz currently serves as the History and Social Studies teacher. He first came to Holy Trinity in 1993, and has served on many committees, and has led initiatives to revise curriculum and keep the school on the thrust of the constantly changing education landscape. 

There is no doubt that these remarkable educators have had a profound impact on the lives of the many students they’ve taught. Still, these words and acknowledgements are insufficient to fully capture the breadth and depth of impact Ms. Frieh, Mr. Joseph, and Mr. Schmitz has had on the Holy Trinity curriculum, community, and their respective disciplines.

Join us on congratulating each of them for serving our school and being vessels for preparing our students for lives of leadership and service. Details on a more formal celebration will be forthcoming.