Scholarships from Partner Organizations

External Scholarships

Holy Trinity partners with the following scholarship organizations, and we encourage students to explore these opportunities to help make a Catholic education affordable.

Tax Credit Scholarship

The State of Illinois has created a tax credit scholarship program called the “Invest in Kids Act.” This state program provides scholarships for low-income students enrolled in private schools. Scholarships will cover up to 100 percent of tuition and eligible fees. Students will be given equal priority in the application and award process if they meet one of these four requirements:

  • Renewal Scholars (received a tax credit scholarship for the previous school year)
  • Siblings to a Scholarship Recipient (a sibling received a tax credit scholarship for the previous school year)
  • Student resides in a Focus District (all of the city of Chicago is considered a focus district)
  • Adjusted Gross Income at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (see the chart below)

Application Process

The application process will be managed by Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs). Holy Trinity has partnered with three SGOs in the City of Chicago and we strongly encourage families to apply to all SGOs to increase your chances of being granted a scholarship. All students wishing to receive a tax credit scholarship must apply, regardless of whether you already receive a tax credit scholarship the previous school year.

Big Shoulders Fund

Your time stamp is obtained after the 1st page of the application, but you MUST CONTINUE on and complete all 5 pages and receive the confirmation page IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR TIME STAMP. You may take your time completing pages 2-5 as long as you complete the full application at one time. Big Shoulders Fund SGO will follow-up with families via email regarding submission of documentation for income verification, etc. 

For more information and to find their application on January 13 please visit Big Shoulders Fund SGO’s website.
Empower Illinois
Step 1: Reservation (This gets your date-time stamp for the waitlist)
Step 2: Application
  • After completing the reservation process you will receive an email from Empower Illinois inviting you to complete your application beginning on January 14. Empower Illinois encourages you to complete your application before January 24 to give yourself the best chance at receiving a scholarship.
For more helpful resources and to find their application on January 12 please visit Empower Illinois’ website.

HighSight SGO
You must complete the reservation page in order to have your submission screened and to be invited to participate in the full SGO HighSight application process.

  • Families will be required to provide the following information: name of student applicant, address, email address, current school, current grade, school you plan to attend in 2022-23, parent/guardian name, parent/guardian email, total number of residents in the household, total adjusted gross income of the household
  • If there are multiple students applying in the household, each student must submit an application.
  • After qualified donations are received, HighSight will begin requesting complete applications on a first-come, first-served basis. HighSight will then begin granting scholarships to eligible students allowing them to attend the private school of their choice, subject to the availability of funds.

Income Guidelines


Required Information for Application

You are strongly encouraged to have all documents scanned and ready to attach as PDF files to your application. The SGOs are encouraging families to apply via mobile device. To scan your documents to create PDF files using your smartphone, please download the Adobe Scan app.
Household Information
  • Parent/guardian contact information (e.g. address, city, zip, etc.), including an email address (required) along with supporting documentation for the household address (e.g., utility bill, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Number of people in your household
  • School district in which your household resides
  • Federal adjusted gross income (AGI) with a copy of your federal 1040 (first two pages) or signed verification that your family was not required to file a 1040 (signed by parent/guardian)
Student Information
  • Student name and birth date
  • Grade for the coming school year
  • Siblings for which the household will apply under the tax credit scholarship program
School Information
  • Identify the non-public school being selected by the student in the household
  • Identify whether the student is already enrolled at the selected school
If you have any questions please contact Matt Swanson, Scholarships & Financial Assistance Officer, at or (773) 278-4212 ext. 3043.

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